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New Burundi, Rwanda tensions over prisoners
Tensions between Rwanda and Burundi continue to simmer following reports that dozens of Rwandans are being held incommunicado by Burundian authorities on suspicion of espionage, amid reports that Kigali has offered a safe haven to Burundian opposition members.
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The Citizen
Magufuli: I’ll build a new TZ
The CCM presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli, yesterday concluded his campaigns in Njombe by asking Tanzania to vote for him because he has a plan to build a new Tanzania.
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The Citizen
ACT : Nobody should be left lagging behind
The opposition Alliance for Change Tanzania (ACT-Wazalendo) yesterday launched its presidential campaign and pledged to create a sound social security system as the foundation of economic development.
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Daily News
Liberation for Tanzania? What a big joke!
RECENTLY addressing a CCM presidential campaign rally in Dar es Salaam, former Union President and also the political party’s former national chairman, Mr Benjamin Mkapa, stated that the liberation of Tanzania happened a number of decades ago.
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UVCCM hit at Lowassa on terror suspects, ‘Babu Seya’
THE CCM youth wing, UVCCM, has criticised the Union presidential candidate on the Coalition of Four Opposition Parties, Ukawa, Mr Edward Lowassa, over his utterances in regard to re-examining terror suspects’ case as well as two convicted rapists.
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Tell stories accurately, with fairness, media told
THE Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC) has warned the print and electronic media against using misleading headlines which might create tension as the country inches closer to the general election.
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