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Red Pepper
M7, Golola Display Kick Boxing Techniques
Uganda Kick Boxing Champion Moses Golola has said that it only under the regime of president Museveni that he has flourished and emerged as a kick boxing champion
“I have become Kicking boxing star under you. You are not a joking subject,” Presidential Press Secretary Lindah Nabu...
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Daily Monitor
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The Sunrise
Lord Mayor in secret sojourns with Celebs
Beach house is a beach just beside Kampala International University, but this place which boasts to be the closest beach from Kampala central has proven to be a place where deals are broken and plans hatched. Our snoop has seen Lord Mayor Lukwago several times with lots of the ce...
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Red Pepper
M7 Meets Machar Delegation In Kampala
President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has held unexpected high profile meeting with a high level delegation from the South Sudan’s armed opposition faction under the leadership of former vice president, Riek Machar, days after a peace deal was signed by two warring parties in South...
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The Independent
Chinese perspectives on Obama’s 2015 visit to Africa
Facts belie America’s critique that China is in Africa for resource extraction only
In his recent state visit to Kenya and Ethiopia—his fourth presidential visit to the African continent—US President Barack Obama argued that Africa’s economic engagement with the US offers the bes...
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The Independent
Why NRM should fear Mbabazi
When on Aug.14 Research World International released an opinion poll showing that majority or 55 percent of the respondents would vote President Yoweri Museveni if elections were held, many were quick to dismiss it.  Patrick Wakida, RWI’s executive director says that this shows t...
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