New Vision Feb 23, 2017

The Independent Feb 22, 2017

  • On collision course? Working out rules for drones

    Paris, France | AFP |  As drones increasingly crowd the skies, the risk of collision with other aircraft has come to the fore. Here’s an overview of international regulation aimed at limiting the dangers. – How many incidents? – The International Air Transport Association (IATA),...

The Independent Feb 21, 2017

  • Courtesy and respect on the road

    Common discourtesies that drivers can lapse into – such as slow driving, failure to indicate, or not allowing enough following distance – often lead to crashes First take this quiz. It involves ranking the following range of driving annoyances from one, the most annoying to you a...

New Vision Feb 21, 2017

New Vision Feb 20, 2017

New Vision Feb 19, 2017

The Independent Feb 18, 2017

  • Canada: Airlines must ensure pilots sober in cockpit

    Ottawa, Canada | AFP |  Canada on Friday called on domestic airlines to ensure that pilots show up for work sober, following recent arrests for drunkenness in cockpits. “As a commercial air carrier authorized to carry passengers in Canada, you have an obligation to ensure that fl...