Something Beautiful from Ethiopia
The blossoming of an international partnership for leather bags and social good. On the popular shopping site of Magnolia Market — skyrocketed to fame by the hit HGTV show “Fixer Upper” — a photo of an elegant leather tote hanging on a rustic wooden ladder draws shoppers’ eyes to...
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Berlin marathon: Kipchoge Holds Off Suprise Package Adola of Ethiopia
It was a race that had been billed as the ultimate clash between three marathon greats, but only one of them made it to the finish line at the BMW Berlin Marathon on Sunday (24) as Eliud Kipchoge won the IAAF Gold Label road race in 2:03:32. Of the other pre-race favourites, defe...
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Lewi Erects Another Resort in Wolayita
The company invested over 200 million Br to erect the new resort. Lewi Hotels & Resorts Ethiopia expands to Wolayita Sodo, 312.3Km from Addis Abeba by erecting a new resort. The investment capital amounts to 200 million Br, according to the management of the company. The resort w...
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SBO: Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo, Fulbaana 22, 2017
SBO Fulbaana 22,2017. Oduu, Cuunfaa Gabaasaa HRW Dhiheenya kana Dhumaatii Irrecha Onkoloolessa 2/2016 mootummaan Wayyaanee ilmaan Oromoo irratti dhaqqabsiise ilaalchisuun baase irratti kan fuulleffatu fi Yaada Hirmaattota Kora Sabaa ABO 4ffaa Hagayya 20-30 bara 2017 geggeefame ir...
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