Daily News Mar 23, 2015

Daily News Mar 18, 2015

Daily News Mar 07, 2015

  • Six Higher Learning Institutions Ordered To Close Operations

    The ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology on Thursday 5th March 2015 ordered the closure of six institutions for not meeting minimum standards. The six learning institution are: International Business College – Kotu South, ITS-IT & Business Management Sc...

Daily News Mar 06, 2015

  • Niani Salikenni Madarasa Needs Support

    Established over 18 years now; the Nurr Islamic Arabic School of Niani Salikenni is yet to have a fully furnished school, Baba Kaffa Sanneh an elder in the village who is charged with then responsibility of the welfare of the school told Daily News online newspaperFriday 6 March...

Daily News Mar 03, 2015

Daily News Feb 23, 2015

  • ‘’There is no Suspected EBOLA Case in The Gambia’’ Mass Joof

    Mass Joof, Health and Communication Officer at the Directorate of Health Promotion and Education in Kotu under the Ministry of Health have said that there is no suspected EBOLA case in the country. He was speaking at one day orientation on the prevention and control of EBOLA orga...

Daily News Feb 19, 2015

  • Jammeh Raise Hopes Higher As We Celebrate 50 years of Independence

    Addressing the schools children on 18 February 2015 at the Independence stadium Bakau lactated on the outskirts of the capital. President Jmameh told a cheering crowd that the Gambia will in the very near future be looked upon as a powerful state. The country was celebrating its...