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Daily Monitor
How to keep your car interior clean
If you are the kind of person whose work schedule takes much of your time, it is probably true that you pay less attention to the cleanliness of your car.
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The Independent
EU pledges $95m to Uganda for South Sudan refugees
Arua, Uganda | Michael O’Hagan | AFP |  The EU pledged 85 million euros ($95 million) to Uganda on Thursday as UN chief Antonio Guterres urged donors to give 20 times that amount to help the country deal with nearly one million refugees from South Sudan. Guterres visited a refuge...
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The Independent
President Sisi explains Egypt’s stand on Nile Basin
Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi  has revealed that Egypt is suffering from a water deficit of about 21.5 billion cubic metres per year, and is cautious of any agreements related to the River Nile that could affect this supply. According to AharamOnline, this was the main t...
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