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OSUN: The three-horse race for the speakership
The issue of who becomes the next speaker of Osun State House of Assembly is now in the front burner in the state and is generating debate among members of the public and the All Progressives Congress, APC, that has the majority in the coming assembly.
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Cameroon - Declassified!: What Agbor Balla Told PM Dion Ngute In Buea
The details of the discussions between Prime Minister, Head of Government Dion Ngute Joseph and Human Rights Lawyer Nkongho Felix Agbor alias Agbor Balla are now emerging in bits. Trusted sources say the federalist inclined Agbor Balla was firm on his two-state federation positi...
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Et l’avion de Bouteflika ?
L’on se rappelle que Bouteflika avait tenu à acquérir un avion de type Airbus 340-500, un appareil pour les longs courriers. Après son premier AVC, l’avion est resté cloué
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