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Türkiye Is Sharing Its Experience in “e-Government” with Tanzania
Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and TURKSAT held the online training “Introduction to e-Government Systems” for 35 employees of the e-Government Agency of Tanzania.
The rapid technological development and change heightened the expectations of citizens from the...
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117 member associations apply for ground-breaking talent scheme
Current window for applications closes on June 30; Scheme aims to improve talent development worldwide and thereby raise the competitiveness of national teams; Ultimate goal is to bridge the competitive gap and increase the number of national teams capable of playing at the highe...
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Iran slams Nigeria terror attack
Khatibzadeh expressed his deep sorrow and sympathy for the loss of a number of Nigerian nationals in the armed attack and expressed his condolences to the Nigerian government, people and the failies of the victims.
He rejected formation of such differences in the context of sedit...
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