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The Year of Loss, Grief
The past year witnessed the loss of prominent Ethiopian visionaries, artists and athletes. They have left a significant impact on the country and its youth as a whole. Their works and contributions have inspired many in the past and will continue to inspire the future generations...
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Assefa Chabo, Controversial Politician, Writer, Dies at 75
He was a man of letters. Reading he did through tonnes of books, reflected primarily in his writings where he loved quoting the notables. But, no other notable may have a personal connection to the life and tribulations of Assefa Chabo, a renowned politician in his own right, as...
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The Lonely Death of One of Ethiopia’s Most Public Men
Written byEndalk Assefa Chabo, a writer who symbolized the glow of the Ethiopian political movement of the 1970s and the crackdown that followed it, died on April 23 in exile. He was 73. Assefa lived a public life but a lonely one. One of his friends said he had last talked to hi...
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