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US Republican senators confront Netflix over Chinese sci-fi show
Five Republican US senators have confronted Netflix over the streaming giant’s plan to adopt a Chinese sci-fi book trilogy, expressing concern over the original author’s comments about claims of forced labour in Xinjiang. Liu Cixin’s bestselling “The Three-Body Problem,” which te...
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Barack, Michelle Obama world’s most admired people – Survey
According to YouGov, this is the first time the former president has reached the top of the men’s rankings since the World’s Most Admired Survey was launched in 2014.
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Trump's Crackdown On Visa Overstays Targets Mostly African, Asians
US President Donald Trump.
President of the United States, Donald Trump, has ordered the secretaries of State and Homeland Security to develop plans to crack down on countries whose citizens are most likely to overstay their visas, a long-term problem that is now the biggest driv...
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