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Tanzania robbed of public figures in 2019
Tanzanians will remember 2019 as the year in which the country lost several prominent figures, including leading entrepreneurs and business leaders, radio personalities and an icon of political pluralism
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FRANCHISE: How you can acquire an international franchise
International market entry on the franchise model takes one of three options; the franchisor, the area developer or the master/regional franchise option. To take up opportunities under the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) coming up on 1 July 2020, brands in each countr...
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CORPORATE SUFI: Capacity building
A great idea, vision or belief can spark off a successful business. But what empowers it to create a lasting value for its stakeholders and society, is fostering capable and committed leaders for the future - leaders who can take the organisation to the next level and establish a...
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By Staff Reporter, Dar es SalaamDar es Salaam, 15 December, 2019: A Book that inspires Africa to think of implementing generational reforms to becoming world’s largest economy is expected to hit African book stores from January 2020.Speaking during the interview with Tanzania’s I...
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