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Help private sector to perform well, govt told
Private sector operators say that, despite the fact that the Tanzanian economy is encouragingly growing at the relatively healthy rate of 6.8 per cent per year, the government still has a long way to go to ensure that the growth is not only sustainable, but is actually sustained...
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Let us protect autistic children from bullying
A new study by psychologists at Lancaster University published by ScienceDaily revealed that children with autism may be at a “greater risk of bullying because they are more willing to accept unfair behaviour”. The study by Dr Calum Hartley and Sophie Fisher of the British univer...
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Sh55bn drug plant to create 900 jobs
A Sh55 billion pharmaceutical plant whose construction was launched yesterday in Coast Region is expected to make an annual production of 30 million bottles of therapeutic fluids that can be used for treating patients at emergency care units in hospitals.
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