Africa is a Country
On Safari
We are not just marking the end of 2019, but also the end of a momentous, if frustrating decade for building a more humane, caring future for Africans.
Museum van Volkenkunde, Leiden in the Netherlands. Image by Sean Jacobs.
From the start, I have always had two sets of goals wit...
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Africa is a Country
The black son shines
Masauko Chipembere's first solo album is a remarkable achievement and a timely musical reminder of the circular nature of pan-Africanist consciousness.
All images of Masauko Chipembere by Syd Woodward at Come To Life Music.
Given his tremendous musical output, it is hard to belie...
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Africa is a Country
I only have eyes for Bobi Wine
Is western media’s mostly individualized on focus the Ugandan opposition figure Bobi Wine helpful to his movement?
Bobi Wine. Screenshot from SABC News.
Ever since Bobi Wine, Uganda’s biggest pop star, won his seat in parliament in a contested 2017 race, western journalists have...
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Africa is a Country
Between democracy and despotism
South Africa introduces a new law which allows traditional leaders to enter into partnerships and agreements with third parties without the consent of the communities they claim to represent.
Rural Transkei, South Africa. Image credit Chris Bloom via Flickr CC.
Last weekend, Ugan...
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Africa is a Country
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Africa is a Country
Detritus of revolution
Nthikeng Mohlele’s novel Small Things (2013) provides a rejoinder to J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace (1999), depicting a black man’s perspective on the failures of South Africa’s transition.
Karoo, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Image credit Fiver Locker via Flickr CC.
The South African wr...
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Africa is a Country
Lagos in its filthy glory
Filmmaker Akin Omotoso shows the Lagos that pushes the sane to insanity, the meek to thuggery and the lawful to anarchy.
Still from The Ghost and the House of Truth.
Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, is an enigma that defies logic, an attractive villain that seduces its victim...
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