One Nigerian Boy
Sandstorm Staunch Industries Track Print Bags
Sandstorm has collaborated with Staunch Industries designer Will Beeslaar to develop this distinctive Africa tyre-track print for a collection of canvas bags. The prints come in 2 colorways and the green – seen here – which is my personal favorite is known as the rumble. The bags...
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One Nigerian Boy
Trine Lindegaard Autumn Winter 2014 Collection
This season we went back to Ghana and, once again, worked closely with some of their traditional textile weavers. In terms of inspiration, we are looking back at a lot of old Scandinavian crafts, trying to incorporate this with the African techniques. – Trine Lindegaard
Trine Lin...
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One Nigerian Boy
Dent De Man Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook
The brand seeks to mix traditional menswear tailoring and soulful print choices for the contemporary gentleman with style. Dent de Man also offers a contemporary silhouette to reflect personality and lifestyle.
The Dent de Man spring summer 14 collection delivers vintage African...
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One Nigerian Boy
Patternity X Clarks Spring Summer 14 Desert Boots
 PATTERNITY  joined forces with Clarks Originals to reshape their most iconic style – the Desert Boot. Patternity has long been and authority on pattern and they managed to the Clarks mens and womens iconic desert boots for spring summer 2014. The bold lacquered geometric print o...
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One Nigerian Boy
Prelude is inspired by the Ibos, an ethnic group of south-eastern Nigeria. The collection incorporates Ibo design aesthetics: jackets are adorned with rich velvet; shirts are embroidered or cut to mimic the customary sash slung over shoulders by men of age; striped jumpers borrow...
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One Nigerian Boy
Belstaff introduce their Spring/Summer 2014 campaign with a full-length short film, featuring David Beckham zipping through English fields on a motorcycle. The serene beauty of the English Countryside is offset by the grit, noise & exuberance of friends with a shared thirst for a...
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One Nigerian Boy launches sister Site
 Created by Dolapo Shobanjo, the online store is the one stop shop for your instant fashion fixes. Launched in September 2013, is aimed at providing fast fashion items for the women who crave individuality at great, affordable prices.The clothes and accessories a...
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