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Africa’s delusional self-image: The virus without a vaccine
Bill Gates wants to depopulate Africa with vaccines The CIA is sponsoring Boko Haram to break up Nigeria. France is behind all the insecurity in Francophone West Africa with the aim of preventing those countries from attaining ‘true’ independence. Media or civil society organisat...
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Fiscal, monetary reforms needed to fasten economic recovery – LCCI
…Advocates forex rates unification …Wants low interest rates regime sustained By Yinka Kolawole The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has called on the federal government to show stronger commitment to key reforms aimed at accelerating Nigeria’s economic recovery in 2...
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Jerry John Rawlings: Tribute to a new generation statesman
Jerry John Rawlings, the pride of Africa, and my own very dear friend was one of Africa’s most misunderstood statesmen. The reason for this is very clear: he was one African leader who never did the ordinary or the pedestrian, and who successfully broke with political convention.
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