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New car sales hit a high gear in June
The SA new vehicle market continued to perform against the odds in June, with sales of 41,019 units, improving 7.6% over the same month last year.
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Lesotho: Journalists Must Specialise -Communications Minister
The Minister of Communications Science and Technology, Mr. Tšoinyane Rapapa says it is high time for journalists to specialise in different areas of journalism to be able to report with understanding.
He said this when officially opening the two-day workshop on African Peer Revie...
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Business Day
Red Bull to build R100m track car
London — Red Bull announced on Tuesday that it will make a Formula One-inspired hypercar designed by Adrian Newey and costing at least £5m (R100m) when production starts in 2025.
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UN report: Reducing trade costs can help drive sustainable development
A robust and well-integrated global agrifood system can help all countries withstand unprecedented challenges, as evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 when global agrifood markets proved to be remarkably resilient.
“We are committed to working together”, wrote QU...
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