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Preview of 2020 highlights [Business]
2020 is projected to be a year of economic integration and action in Africa. In this week’s business segment, Amelia Martha Nakitimbo highlights some events on the calender.
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Africa News
What did Africans ask Google in 2019? [SciTech]
Google, the world’s biggest online search engine and nearly everyone’s go-to place for answers says the year 2019 was all about heroes and sheroes, following analysis of the most asked questions across the globe.
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Quartz Africa
The biggest trends in African tech and startups in 2019
As startup and innovation culture deepens on the continent, the explosion of tech hubs across Africa has shown no signs of slowing down: the number of tech hubs across Africa grew by nearly 50% over the past year. As these hubs play crucial roles for community, business incubatio...
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Disrupt Africa
Our 12 startups to watch in 2019 – how did we do?
Back at the start of the year, Disrupt Africa unveiled its 12 African startups to watch in 2019. How did we get on with our predictions?
Egyptian e-health startup Shezlong 
We said: “Shezlong ticks the disruption and impact boxes, with its mission to address the stigma in North A...
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BizTech Africa
Airtel Money Spreads Wings
In a bid to continue offering all-round convenience and promote financial inclusion in Zambia, Airtel Mobile Commerce popularly known as Airtel Money has launched international money transfer services into Kenya and Uganda.
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