SHHA beneficiaries default on loans
Gaborone City Council (GCC) has expressed concern over some Self-Help Housing Authority (SHHA) beneficiaries for failure to honour their obligation on funded houses.
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Comrade Fish: Memories of a Motswana in the ANC
Comrade Fish was published by Pula Press in 1999 and its print run was sold out within two years. Since then it has been out of print, and has been hard to obtain. Copies have been selling on Amazon for many hundreds of dollars. In response to a number of requests, the authors* h...
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Hawkers Push Back Against GH Eviction
Gaborone Bus Rank hawkers, newly free from lockdown, had a rude awakening upon returning to their places of trade just outside the Gaborone Hotel & Casino (GH) property last Thursday just as regulations eased.
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Mandela In Lobatse (Conclusion)
We left off with Nelson Mandela having wasted little time between his evening landing in Kanye and return to South Africa via Pioneer Border Gate.
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Mandela In Lobatse (Part 5)
We left off with Fish Keitseng having been joined by Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela at Mbeya, Tanganyika.
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Is the judiciary a trustee of society?
The ongoing Umbrella for Democratic Change UDC elections petitions have invoked much interest in the general public and raised critical questions about our jurisprudence (See Lediretse Mokalake, Sunday Standard, January 19, 2020) especially its independence from the political exe...
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