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Germany to return stolen Ngonnso’ statue to Cameroon
BERLIN, June 27 (Reuters) – Germany will return agoddess statue that was stolen from Cameroon 120 years ago, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation said on Monday, part of a growing trend to give back artefacts taken during the colonial era. The female figure, known as Ngonnso...
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Akwaya: Land dispute turns deadly as two communities resort to arms
Contrary to a video circulating on social media that Amba fighters had slaughtered some 30 people in a small locality in Akwaya Sub-Division in Manyu Division, it is gradually emerging that the deaths have been caused by an ignored long-standing land dispute between two communiti...
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Yaoundé: Government reaches out to the Diaspora, but…..
The Yaoundé government which has been fighting its Diaspora for decades is finally softening its stance as it now sees the Diaspora as a possible development partner. The country’s President, Paul Biya, last week sent a delegation to Europe to try to woo well-off Cameroonians liv...
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