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“Where Are we 20 years after The 1994 Coup” Halifa Sallah Ask
Last week the leader of the People's Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) held a press conference at its Churchill’s Town office.Halifa Sallah politician cum sociologist asked where we are as a nation after the 1994 coup, some 20 years ago. Where do we g...
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The Gambia is Fit to be declared A Crop Failed Country
The Gambia like any other West African state is fit to be declared a crop failed country. Rains were expected since June 15 2014 but to date; it looks like we are still in dry season. There has not been any serious rain to be considered a start of the rains. The ActionAid Interna...
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“1994 Coup Cannot be Equated to a Revolution” Halifa Sallah
In a press conference held at its political bureau in Churchill's Town on the Wednesday 6th of August 2014.The leader of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism ( P.D.O.I.S.) Hon. Halifa Sallah express his disappointment of the misinterpretation of wha...
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Africa's Leaders Aim To Change Perception Of The Continent
Scores of African leaders gather in Washington this week at an unprecedented summit organized by President Obama. Africa rarely gets a break — in the news headlines, anyway. But as the spread of the deadly Ebola virus continues to dominate the news cycle, there's a very different...
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Africa Summit In USA; Why Not In Africa?????????????????????????????
It is very disheartening that our African Presidents are in the USA today drinking tea with President Obama from for the next three days. The so-called pan Africans in their own words; however Daily News differ that these are really pan-Africans. Read our reasons below. Is it not...
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