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Women become leading force in China’s tourism consumption market
In the past year, short video content featuring short, fast, new and strange materials has continued to be popular. Social media influencers on TikTok and travel Vloggers have become important factors influencing the choices of female consumers. According to the data from lvmama....
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Xi stresses implementation of rural revitalization strategy
Implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and seeking progress in work related with agriculture, rural areas and farmers should be taken into consideration and promoted in the overall economic and social development, Xi said. Source: People’s Daily APP
Chinese Presi...
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China’s new investment law to uplift its opening up: official
With an aim to facilitate and protect foreign investment, the new law sets its key tune as expanding opening up and promoting foreign investment inflow, Liu said, adding that the draft also addresses the detailed agendas concerned by foreign investors. By Jing Yi from People’...
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China completes 300th launch of Long March carrier rockets
In the future, the country will innovate the way carrier rockets reach and leave space, as well as space transportation, through developing a reusable space transportation system, and combining space transportation with space operations. By Yu Jianbin from People’s Daily
A co...
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China’s deep-sea exploration technology system takes initial shape
The maiden expeditions of the Haiyang Dizhi-10, -9 and -8 research vessels marked a step forward of the country’s equipment and technology, and also sent China to the first echelon of the world in terms of research capabilities in marine geology, geophysics, and drilling. By...
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Hainan to phase out diesel, petrol vehicles
In addition, the Hainan provincial government also released a notice on Dec. 30, 2018, saying that from July 1, 2019, all lightweight vehicles to be registered in the province must meet China’s State VI emission standard, and those below the standard won’t be granted with license...
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Almost 90 percent of Chinese optimistic about AI application: survey
The world’s first synthetic AI anchorwoman took to the screen during the ongoing annual sessions of China’s top political advisory body and top legislature, adding a new scenario for the application of AI technology. Source: People's Daily Online
89.4 percent of respondents a...
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