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China’s agriculture ready for a harvest year
The farmers have been provided with more channels to earn money from business operation, employment wages, business property and subsidies, with their incomes from wages posting a 9 percent year-on-year growth in the first quarter. By Zhao Yongping from People’s Daily
The str...
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Beijing exhibition explores the ancient Silk Road
The exhibition shows treasures that left China hundreds of years ago, only to find their way back for this very exhibition. For example, various Qing Dynasty enamel and porcelain are on display from the Polish National Museum collection, as well as Southern Song Dynasty pieces fr...
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BRI draws a splendid picture of people-to-people bond
Friendship, which derives from close contact between the people, holds the key to sound state-to-state relations. During the implementation of BRI, China has always adhered to the livelihood-oriented international cooperation, and is dedicated to building more and more projects t...
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Expo shows confidence in ecological ideals
The 162-day expo is anticipated to see 16 million visits and 2,500 activities including academic conferences, horticulture competitions and flower parades, Gao Yan, chairwoman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and an organizer of the expo, said at the pres...
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China vows to build a road of clean governance with B&R partners
China has signed 120 agreements with 77 countries to snare fugitives abroad and confiscate ill-gotten gains, 55 extradition treaties and 64 mutual legal assistance treaties, and concluded multiple international conventions including the United Nations Convention against Corruptio...
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World Bank gives credit to Belt and Road construction
The major achievements of the Belt and Road construction in Kyrgyzstan fall on transportation such as railways and highways. The significant reduction in trade costs has benefited most economic sectors. It is estimated that the country’s actual income will increase by 10.4% in 20...
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From paper to digital: the change in Chinese reading habits
“Online, many Chinese people read news and watch short videos. Reading once again proves to be for entertainment and is fragmentized. We found less than enough in-depth reading activities over longer periods,” Wei said, who suggested that more in-depth content should be introduce...
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