Fraternité Matin
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Algérie Presse Service
Le romancier Samir Kacimi anime des ateliers d'écriture virtuels
ALGER - L'Agence algérienne pour le rayonnement culturel (AARC) lance des ateliers d'écriture virtuel, animé par le romancier Samir Kacimi, à l'adresse de jeunes auteurs porteurs de projets d'écriture, annonce l'agence sur sa page Facebook.
Ces ateliers prévus au mois de juin son...
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Vanguard News
Ultimate Love winners, Rosie, Kachie exchange poetic love notes
Winners of the maiden edition of the TV reality show “Ultimate Love,” Rosie and Kachi took their love to town on Wednesday when Rosie marked her birthday. Showing that the fire of their love is still very much ablaze, the couple took turns to exchange romantic, poetic notes. Kach...
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The Zimbabwean
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Fraternité Matin
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Vanguard News
3 year-old Baby A drops fire dance tune “Pampilla”.
As the world faces the new reality of the COVID-19 lockdown, everybody has been finding ways to be more productive with their time. 3-year-old “Baby A” has clearly upped the stakes for everybody! He drops his debut single titled “Pampilla”, an up-tempo groove for the club lights...
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Africa Newsroom
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