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Madagascar: innovative relief project offers hope for sustainable future
Focusing on remote Androy and Anosy regions – some four hours’ drive from the capital, Antananarivo - WFP’s Rapid Rural Transformation initiative delivers solar-powered hubs, a sustainable water source and digital health check-ups, in partnership with the Government.
The benefits...
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Eritrea: Praiseworthy health service provision
At a meeting organized on 17 and 18 January in Barentu, it was reported that as a result of substantial investment made on both in equipment and man power the medical facilities in the Gash Barka region are providing praiseworthy health service to the public.
At the meeting, repo...
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Africa Data Centres breaks ground on new Sameer facility in Nairobi
Africa Data Centres ( has broken ground on its new facility in Nairobi; The new build will expand its existing data centre by up to 15MW of IT load; The facility will be built in the company's leading-edge modular design.
Africa Data Centres, a business...
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