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Businesses open as Nigeria relaxes curfew after days of unrest
The police order could further heighten tensions in Africa's most populous country after its worst turmoil in years. Nigeria's inspector general of police, M.A. Adamu, ordered colleagues to ``dominate the public space'' while announcing that enough is enough, a statement said.
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Statement on the situation in The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Political Affairs Cluster
The African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), the civil society organ of the African Union with a mandate to promote the principles and ideals of good governance and Human Rights in the continent:
Noting with grave concern events unf...
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Nigeria: Calm returns to Lagos after days of unrest
Sporadic gunshots were heard in Lagos on Friday as security forces patrolled Nigeria's biggest city after days of unrest following the shooting of protesters that sparked condemnation at home and abroad.
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La fièvre retombe
Rues désertes, barrages policiers et derniers pillages: la tension redescendait vendredi peu à peu à Lagos, éprouvée après trois jours de violences, les forces de sécurité reprenant le contrôle de la mégapole nigériane au lendemain d'un discours autoritaire et sans concession du...
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