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UAE rescues people affected by floods in Al Jazeerah, Sudan
The UAE, represented by a team from the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, is continuing to provide food and shelter to thousands of people in flood-ravaged Sudanese provinces.
The team dispatched an aid convoy to support villages in Al Jazeerah Province, which includes 6,00...
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Egypt to host second Afcon in 2019 [Sports]
It will be a second opportunity for Egypt to showcase it’s ability in hosting a second continental trophy in 2019. In November they will host the 2019 edition of the U23 Afcon.
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Press Release Regarding the Turkey-Sudan Political Consultations
The political consultations between Turkey and Sudan will be held under the co-chairmanship of H.E. Ambassador Sedat Önal, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and H.E. Ambassador Omar Dahab Mohamed, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, in Ank...
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WHO responds to cholera cases in Sudan
The World Health Organization (WHO) is working closely with national health authorities and partners to respond to cases of cholera in Blue Nile State in south-eastern Sudan. Between 28 August and 10 September, Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health reported at least 51 cases of acut...
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