Africa is a Country
Groundings with Walter Rodney
Pick up a paper, or turn on the news today and you will likely come across discussions about reparations, the re-ordering of the global financial system, disconnect of the people from a political process that claims to represent them, etc. It is always a good time to read Walter...
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Africa is a Country
The ghost battalion
On the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) the mysterious force behind the revolutionary uprising in Sudan.
Tuti Beach. Khartoum, Sudan. Image credit Jedrek Burak via Flickr (CC).
The force that drove recent protests in Sudan, known as Tajamoo al-mihanyin al-sudaniyin or the...
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Africa is a Country
Frankenstein’s monster in Khartoum
On Mohamed Hamdan Dagolo, known as Hemitti, the man behind the massacres against Sudanese protesters.
Image credit Hossam el-Hamalawy via Flickr (CC).
The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has decided to try and finish with the popular movement of Sudan. Its Vice President Moha...
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Africa News
Sudan military says it foiled attempted coup
Sudan’s military rulers accused several officers of attempting a coup in an effort to undermine an agreement between the military and the opposition to share power for three years ahead of elections.
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Africa is a Country
Instagram misreads a revolution
What social media activism gets wrong about the #SudanUprising: Sometimes it may be appropriate to leave the hashtags alone and say nothing.
Image credit Elmogran via Flickr (CC).
Ever since Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces violently ended the months-long sit-in protests in the capit...
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