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Sunday Standard
De Beers/Gov’t diamond sales deal…..not for public eye
While there has been so much talk on the imminent diamonds sales agreement between the Botswana government and De Beers Mining Company in the business corridors, there is still less information to share at this stage.
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De Beers hopes P2bn marketing campaign will lift slump
De Beers, the world’s biggest diamond producer, is spending $180 million (P1.96 billion) marketing its polished stones and jewellery this season, as a way of clearing oversupply in the market and boosting demand for rough diamonds.
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Sunday Standard
First for Africa....the Forevermark diamond brand finds home in Botswana
Embracing the first flagship store on the African soil not only diversifies the economy, it brings to reality Botswana’s diamond dream to becoming the center of gravity for the diamond industry, encapsulating all key segments of the diamond value chain. Opening the first Foreverm...
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Sunday Standard
De Beers sales falls by half
The diamond mining juggernaut De Beers' rough diamond sales for the latest cycle have fallen by almost halve, continuing the downward spiral in sales that has gripped the mining company since the beginning of the year.
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Sunday Standard
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Sunday Standard
MDCB suspends executive fat cats
Member of Parliament (MP) for Tati East, also chairman of the Parliamentary Accounts Committee - Samson Guma Moyo must be clapping his hands in glee.
Toby Frears - the man he has long wished he had the authority to fire for ineptitude at Minerals Development...
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