The Voice
Hands off Boko- Khan
Botswana National Front’s Kweneng Regional Secretary, Arafat Khan has defended his party President, Duma Boko from the attacks that Boko has been subjected to by party veterans since elections.
In an interview with The Voice, Khan said that for...
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Sunday Standard
BPF said to be struggling financially
Given what has been alleged about its founder-patron, the Botswana Patriotic Front is the last party that should be having financial problems but it is.The party was launched to great fanfare and some of its major political rallies featured crowd-pulling big-name artists.
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BPFYL Dares State To Arrest Khama
Botswana Patriotic Front Youth League (BPFYL) has dared the State to arrest its patron, former president Ian Khama in the wake of allegations that he has a hand in the widely reported disappearance of P100 billion from public coffers.
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Sunday Standard
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Balopi’s many hats
Mpho Balopi finds himself with his hands full, a man of many positions and dozens of other things to do. To add to this plethora of portfolios and assignments, Balopi who is the Secretary General of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has been elected Gaborone North legislator.
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Well-meaning Motaosane breaks Cabinet post tradition
Member of Parliament (MP) for Thamaga/Kumakwane constituency Palelo Motaosane has made history by becoming the first ever MP from his area to fail to land a cabinet post since Johnson Nkoane of Kweneng South in 1969.
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