Dear BDP
I wish to congratulate you on your most recent victory.  I can not claim bragging rights that my blood at birth was red, black and white but I however admire on how you continuously claim victory at the polls.
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Sunday Standard
The UDC Must Disband and Rebrand
By Richard Moleofe
The Umbrella for Democratic Change is a political movement born out of very humble beginnings. When it all started no one thought it could come to play pound for pound with the ruling BDP on the political arena.
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BPFYL Dares State To Arrest Khama
Botswana Patriotic Front Youth League (BPFYL) has dared the State to arrest its patron, former president Ian Khama in the wake of allegations that he has a hand in the widely reported disappearance of P100 billion from public coffers.
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Sunday Standard
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Sunday Standard
What now for the gladiator?
A story from apocrypha details how the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) choice of party colours was influenced by the South African Democratic Alliance (DA). Although no one is willing to go on record to back up the claim, the UDC colours are a curious knock off of the DA’s n...
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BDP revels in 'southern comfort'
The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) made history yesterday by winning most constituencies in the South, including those that were long time opposition strongholds.
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