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Ian Khama:  A shameless tribalist and his Kalanga lapdog
Botswana has held elections regularly since March 1965. All the elections have been won by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) which has been in power for 54 years this year, excluding their years in the colonial era Legislative Council.  This year’s general elections prom...
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Pro gay Mogae commends courts for protecting sexual minorities
Former President Festus Mogae last week broke ranks with the Attorney General’s  decision to appeals the historic High Court ruling that decriminalised same-sex relationships among consenting adults.
The former President this week commended the June High Court decision.
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Report gives BDP an edge for BOFEPUSU endorsement
Recommendations by a political landscape report aimed at assisting BOFEPUSU to make a determination on who to back for national elections has given the ruling BDP an advantage over opposition parties.
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Lobatse, the forgotten town
After 120 years of existence, the country’s erstwhile judicial capital, Lobatse, remains stagnant in terms of developments.
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All hands on deck as BDP fights to retain Serowe
Former President Festus Mogae’s conspicuous presence at Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentary candidate for Serowe North Kgotla Autlwetse’s recent political rally suggests that all hands are on deck as the party fights to stave off an upset by former President Ian Khama a...
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