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Trans Kalahari Corridor continues to record low traffic volumes
Despite being regarded as one of the less-costly route in the region, the Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC) is said to be recording low traffic volumes compared to other routes such as the one that starts at the Durban Port – South Africa.
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Inside Khama, Kgosi’s alleged BoB heist
Documents before the High Court suggest that former President Lt Gen Ian Khama and former Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services Director General Isaac Kgosi went behind the back of the Accountant General and opened three illegal bank accounts through which they stole...
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Did Tribalism influence Botswana’s election results?
Whoever coined the “E seng mo go Kgosikgolo…” campaign slogan that birthed the Botswana Patriotic Front, they meant serious business. Visual, written, or spoken messages provide cues to ways through which communication may be understood. This is a general definition of textual an...
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Cars, Guides Gets A Piece Of The Cake
Despite Kasane being tourism industry’s big shots play ground, a teacher-cum-entrepreneur, Benjamin Mogotsi has managed to get his own slice of the cake.
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Moseki retires from active politics
FRANCISTOWN: After 16 years of contesting for a parliamentary seat without success, prominent attorney and Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) activist, Morgan Moseki, has finally decided to call it quits.
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