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Gunners' Kemoeng quits as standoff persists
The stand off between two parallel committees at Extension Gunners continues to wreak havoc as the club’s communications manager, Willoughby Kemoen resigned on Tuesday.
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Gunners Face Further Sanctions
Peleng giants, Extension Gunners face the risk of further wrath from the First Instance Body (FIB) over the current standoff between some supporters and the executive committee.
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Fear mounts for Gunners as Duiker gets a garnishing order
Extension Gunners may find themselves into the abyss after it emerged that the club has been reported to the Botswana Football Association (BFA) club licensing First Instance Body (FIB) for outstanding payments.
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Culprit or Victim?: The curious case of Tariq Babitseng
When it comes to misappropriation of monies and Tariq Babitseng, nothing is ever certain. Either he is a culprit or victim.
But for the man who has faced countless charges, nothing ever seems to ever stick for the man who has morphed into the ‘Teflon Man’ o...
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BPL rolls out new ticketing system
Botswana Premier League (BPL) management’s new ticketing dispensation which sees teams source and sell tickets for their own home Premier league matches came into effect this past weekend.
The new ticketing dispensation was adopted after some premier league teams complained that...
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Emotions rise as PBAB secretary is sacked
Emotions are high in the professional boxing fraternity as a motion of no confidence was passed against Professional Boxing Association of Botswana (PBAB) secretary general, Willoughby Kemoen during an ordinary general assembly held at Yarona Lodge over the weekend.
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