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Remembering Comrade Albert Mukong
The nite has come, with a chill winter feeling in summer time and the lights have been turned off a great soul, a legend, a patriot and a great Cameroonian icon. Yet as darkness falls, the burning candle lights of the past glows on, and though they may seem dimmed for now at a no...
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As Oil Collapses, so Does a Vital Source of African Revenue
Accompanying the misery of the coronavirus pandemic has been an ongoing crisis in the oil industry. While the scale and tragedy of the coronavirus is front and center in our minds, the collapse of oil is more abstract, and its long term consequences will be serious. In the United...
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Coronavirus Palaver: Pompeo says US may never restore WHO funds
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said a fundamental reform of the World Health Organization was needed following its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and that the United States, the WHO’s biggest donor, may never restore funding to the U.N. body.
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