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La Nouvelle Tribune
Strong U.S. Dollar Prompts Speculation of Trump Intervention
Officials have considered whether to use currency intervention as a weapon in their trade war
Kate Davidson – The Wall Street Journal
For decades, U.S. currency policy was to, in effect, have no policy. Administrations seldom intervened in markets, advised other countries to do t...
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La Nouvelle Tribune
What France—Yes, France—Can Teach the U.S. About Free Markets
From cellphones to airfares, competition has risen in Europe but shrunk in America
By Greg Ip
When Thomas Philippon moved to the U.S. in 1999 to pursue graduate studies, he found internet service, cellphone plans and airfares all cost less than in his native France. Two decades l...
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No Relief for Big Tech Under New EU Leadership
Incoming EU Commission president plans new laws on artificial intelligence and the use of big data as earlier investigations by the bloc’s antitrust enforcer continue
By  Valentina Pop
The leadership of the European Union is changing over the next few months, but the organization...
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Divided G-7 Leaders Headed for Clashes at Tense French Summit
Club of rich nations is divided on how to deal with nearly every issue they are set to discuss at Biarritz gathering
Stacy Meichtry in Biarritz, France,
Josh Zumbrun and
Rebecca Ballhaus
Once a showcase for international cooperation, Group of Seven summits have turned into minefi...
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La Nouvelle Tribune
Doubts Rise Over Europe’s Readiness for a No-Deal Brexit
EU dusts off contingency plans for a messy split after Boris Johnson says the U.K. will leave with or without a pact by Oct. 31
By Valentina Pop
The European Union says it is ready for Britain to leave the bloc without a deal to smooth the split. Growing evidence says otherwise....
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