Ikram Kabbaj, la dompteuse de matière
La dernière œuvre monumentale de l’artiste, sous forme installée, dans la ville d’Asilah, est intitulée «Darat» signifiant en même temps halo de lumière et un  lieu où il fait bon vivre (Ph. Dr)
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Daily Morocco
Safran could relocate some activities to Morocco
Faced with the effects of the global health crisis, the aircraft engine and equipment supplier Safran is mobilizing to get through this period without taking too much risk. As such, it has decided to avoid layoffs in France thanks to its “adaptation” plan and to relocate some of...
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Daily Morocco
WHO: The Coronavirus pandemic will be very long
New reports, new measures, highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, this Sunday, August 2, 2020. The epidemic will be “very long” (WHO) The World Health Organization (WHO), meeting Saturday in Geneva, warned that the coronavirus...
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Daily Morocco
RAM suspends flights to France
It’s official, after Air Arabia, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is also suspending its flights from Morocco to France, from August 3 to 10, following restrictions imposed by the French authorities. The company’s flights to France will therefore leave empty during this period in order to p...
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Automotive: After the export shock, fears for jobs
The automotive industry has been one of the export sectors most affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Jobs are logically threatened there, recognizes a source at the Ministry of Industry, which however wishes to put things into perspective, explaining that several signals suggest that...
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«L’Etat de droit ne disparaît pas» mais...
Hassan Ouazzani Chahdi est professeur honoraire des universités. Avant d’être élu à la Commission du droit international de l’ONU, ce juriste spécialisé en droit administratif a notamment conseillé la présidence du Conseil constitutionnel de 2008 à 2016 
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