The Nation
Insurers told to adapt to change or crumble
With Malawi’s insurance
penetration stuck at paltry 1.4 percent, a former insurance guru has advised
firms to adapt to the ever-changing landscape by adopting technology to avoid
being left behind.
In his presentation at the Insurance Institute Malawi (IIM) Annual Lake Conference...
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Nyasa Times
Gwamba determined to inspire many, premiers ‘Unatha’ video
Gospel artist, Duncan Zgambo popularly known as Gwamba says he is eyeing to be an idol to many through his music career and genre. Gwamba who has a new single ‘Unatha’ said Malawian singers lack direction and encouragement in the music career, particularly in his genre as a rappe...
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The Maravi Post
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Malawi 24
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Nyasa Times
Dzuka Malawi: Lets stop political musterbation over elections
Next week I will be heading to Mkaika, yes, it is the last Saturday of the month, hence the famous Kulamba weekend which starts on a Thursday and ends on a Monday at Katete in Zambia. This is the Chewa’s biggest festival. The Brazilian carnival equivalent on Africa soil. I was at...
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The Nation
Malawi needs a decisive leader
a Head of State has been sworn into power, he/she becomes the most powerful
citizen in the country.
Among other things, he is expected to have policies that
give equal opportunities for progress. Since no one is above the law, the Head
of State, too, has to follow the co...
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