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Did OPay really violate Google’s predatory lending policy?
Opera the parent company of OPay, a payment company with major operations in Nigeria has been accused of violating Google’s policy on predatory lending by Hindenburg Research, an accusation that puts it at risk of being sanctioned by Google.
The US-based Hindenburg Research which...
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Vanguard News
PORT CONGESTION: NPA declares emergency on Lagos ports
lagos—Following continued build-up in the already massive congestion at the Lagos ports, the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, has declared an emergency and commenced diversion of vessels to alternative terminals within Lagos as well as Eastern Ports.
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Coronavirus: NCAA sets new rules for airline operators
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has put all airline operators, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and Aerodrome Operators on alert over the outbreak of Coronavirus and set new guidelines for their operations.
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