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Me and my Books My profound love for short stories
Professor Hope Eghagha is the Head of the Department of English, the University of Lagos.  A poet, dramatist, novelist and social critic, his works include Death, Not a Redeemer, Rhythms of the Last Testament, This Story must be Told, The Governor’s Lodge, Emperors of Salvation,...
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Applause for Theatre Republic
There was a play to be staged. The producer, who was also the playwright, needed a director to put the play on stage. Someone who should know recommended a director who knows his stuff. I was invited to a preliminary meeting between the producer/playwright and the preferred direc...
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Nigeria Daily News
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Three top-notch writers set to change the atmosphere of Lagos (photos)
 – Three writers are set for Artmosphere Lagos reading
– The writers are Peter Akinlabi, Niran Okewole and Femi Morgan
– The literary would stir conversations from a variety of themes as affects Nigeria and the world at large
Artmosphere, one of Nigeria’s leading culture, literat...
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‘Our writers are the best in the land’
In its ten years of existence, The Nation has proved its mettle by being both professional and commercial success. OLUKOREDE YISHAU tells the story of the newspaper’s many professional honours
Gbenga Omotoso, Sam Omatseye, Steve Osuji, Olatunji Ololade, Adekunle Yusuf and Seun Ak...
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This wilderness…
I have taken the title above from Kofi Awoonor, the late Ghanaian writer, poet, diplomat and academic. In his 1971 novel, This Earth, My Brother, is the line, “This earth my brother, shall witness a crashing collapse…” Awoonor, who by the way, was killed in the 2013 terrorists at...
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Dilemma of a weak leviathan
The idea of a weak Leviathanis obviously an oxymoron. I like the way the biblical book of Job describes the monstrous sea monster known as Leviathan. As Eugene Peterson’s The Message Bible graphically describes Leviathan, “His belly is armor-plated, inexorable – unstoppable as a...
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