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US to decide on Africa presence in two months, says top officer
Aboard a US military aircraft, Undefined | AFP | The United States will make a decision on the level of its presence in Africa, particularly in the Sahel region, in about two months, Washington’s top military officer said Thursday. Washington has some 7,000 special forces on rota...
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W.African anglophone states criticise move to rename CFA
Abuja, Nigeria | AFP |  English-speaking West African countries on Thursday criticised a move to rename the CFA franc used by former French colonies, saying the move jarred with plans to introduce a region-wide currency of the same name. Members of the West African Monetary Zone...
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Islamic State replaces al-Qaeda as Enemy No. 1 in Sahel
Bamako, Mali | AFP | Brutal attacks that have killed nearly 300 people in less than two months have propelled the Islamic State to the status of the Sahel’s most-feared jihadist group, eclipsing al-Qaeda, experts say. The vast fragile region on the southern rim of the Sahara has...
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US wants to reduce presence in Africa, warns top officer
Brussels, Belgium | AFP | The United States wants to reduce its military presence in Africa, Washington’s top military officer said, as France hosts Sahel leaders as it seeks to bolster the fight against jihadists in the region. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General M...
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