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New Vision
Iran rules out direct US talks
In an address to parliament, Rouhani said any dialogue with the US would have to fall within the framework of the group of major powers that agreed on...
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The Independent
Trump in Warsaw, 80 years after WWII outbreak
Warsaw, Poland | AFP | US President Donald Trump, fresh from hob-nobbing with his G7 partners at a glitzy French resort town, will on Sunday attend sombre commemorations in Warsaw of the outbreak of World War II 80 years ago. Trump will be the first US head of state to come …
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The Independent
Could Trump gamble big on Iran? Skepticism reigns
Washington, United States | AFP | US President Donald Trump is not afraid of surprises but could he take one of the biggest shifts of all in his foreign policy — easing sanctions on Iran? Washington is widely skeptical that Trump will shift course on Iran, with his hawkish adviso...
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The Independent
Tamer Trump on show at G7, but brash US leader never far
Biarritz, France | AFP |  Like Superman disguised as the mild-mannered Clark Kent, Donald Trump showed his tamer side at the G7 — but the maverick showman expected by the world didn’t take long to burst back out. Before the summit in France’s Biarritz, speculation was rife over h...
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Red Pepper
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The Independent
African forest fires in spotlight after Amazon outcry
Kinshasa, DR Congo | AFP | In NASA satellite images, forest fires in central Africa appear to burn alarmingly like a red chain from Gabon to Angola similar to the blazes in Brazil’s Amazon that sparked global outcry. At the G7 summit this week, French President Emmanuel Macron tw...
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