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Angry Trump blasts Pelosi over accusations of a ‘cover-up’
Washington — US President Donald Trump fired back on Wednesday at US House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusation that he is engaged in a cover-up over the Mueller Russia investigation, saying at a hastily arranged White House appearance, “I don’t do cover-ups.”
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US judge swats aside Trump case to protect his financial records
Washington — On Monday, a US judge ruled in favour of a US House of Representatives committee seeking US President Donald Trump’s financial records from his accounting firm, dealing an early setback to the Trump administration in its legal battle with Congress.
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US House to meet with or without former White House lawyer
Washington — Amid growing talk in US Congress of impeaching President Donald Trump, the Democrat-led House of Representatives committee is set to hold a hearing on Tuesday, with or without testimony from Don McGahn, the White House’s former top lawyer.
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Russia tells US it is time to rebuild ties
Sochi — Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told US secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Tuesday it was time for Moscow and Washington to put aside years of mistrust and find a way to work together constructively.
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US AG Barr instigates probe into origins of Mueller Russia probe
Washington — US attorney-general William Barr has appointed Connecticut’s top federal prosecutor to review the steps the US department of justice took in launching an investigation into whether US President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, according to a person famil...
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