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Africans must direct the new scramble for their continent
At the sixth Financial Times Africa summit I reflected, over a sumptuous dinner, on a day of panels and keynotes in which elite business and political leaders debated how to solve the continent’s many challenges — such as poverty and inequality — against the backdrop of the extr...
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Weary Brexit blues from waiting
If, as reports suggest, British and EU negotiators are inching toward a point where they can present a Brexit deal for approval, the UK parliament will soon have a historic decision to make on whether to back it. For many MPs, it would be a choice between two different types of m...
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EU not taken in by the UK’s latest Brexit plan
Brussels — EU officials expressed doubt on Thursday that the latest British proposals on Brexit could yield an agreement before an October 31 deadline, with one saying Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan “can’t fly” as it stands.
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Johnson talks of ‘compromise’ Brexit plans, but nixes a delay
Manchester — UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would submit “compromise” plans for a Brexit agreement to Brussels on Wednesday, but again warned that Britain is prepared to leave the EU later this month without a deal, despite fears it could herald an economic slump.
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