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Huawei, MTN dial 5G technology
CLEMENT SINYANGWE, Cape Town, South Africa TO enable digital transformation across Africa, Huawei Technologies and MTN mobile service provider have launched a trial fifth Generation (5G) cellular network technology and artificial Intelligence. The launch took place yesterday duri...
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ICT-based teaching, learning for better GCE exam results
Analysis: DARIUS SIMBEYA IT IS of great concern that this year’s GCE exam failure rate has more than doubled where, according to reports, “about 22,734 candidates failed the General Certificate of Education Examinations in 2019, showing an increase in the failure rate to 13 perce...
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Proflight Airlifts Orphan Elephant To Safety
IN echoes of the newly released Hollywood blockbuster movie Holiday in the Wild, which is set in Zambia, Proflight, Game Rangers International (GRI) and Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) have rescued an orphaned baby elephant.
The elephant was airlifted to safety i...
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Why are literate petrified of nuclear power?
Dear editor, IN THE core of power crisis, the government intends to import power from South Africa’s ESKOM at a cost of US$13.5 million, that may rise to US$21 million due to transmission cost. ESKOM is an electricity utility that generates 95 percent of power used in South Afric...
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Qatar Waives VISA to Rwandans
CITIZENS of Rwanda do not need a visa to enter Qatar unless they are arriving from mainland China and can stay in the country for an unlimited period.
This came to light when Rwandan President Paul Kagame met and had bilateral talks with the Emir of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Tam...
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Andrew Sardanis meant business
KELVIN KACHINGWE, Lusaka ANDREW Sardanis arrived in Zambia from Cyprus when it was still called Northern Rhodesia in October 1950 at the age of 19 with no particular plan in his mind. But he has been here ever since. In August 1951, he started a peripatetic kind of existence in N...
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Turkey keen on stronger ties
KELLY NJOMBO, Lusaka TURKEY is keen to strengthen the bilateral cooperation with Zambia to boost investment that currently stands at US$6.7 million. As of last year, trade volume between the two countries stood at US$18 million while in 2015 it was over US$32 million. Turkish Min...
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