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2014: Year of Jubilee with bitter sweet memories
GOSPEL GROOVES with FELIX NYMABE THE year 2014 will go down in the Zambian annals as one which experienced all the bitter sweet memories that will not be easy to wipe out. Not only did the country experience some unprecedented growth spiritually as we celebrated our 50 years of i...
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Daily Mail
Remembering Sata at St Ignatius
CHIMWEMWE MWALE, Lusaka WORSHIPING God was part of President Sata’s life even before he was elected Head of State in September 2011. The late President Sata, who has been described as a devoted Christian, was a regular at St Ignatius Catholic Church in Lusaka where he usually wal...
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Zambian Watchdog
Thinking about the cobra- By Sakwiba Sikota
There are certain things in life which are so sweet that you can never ever get enough of them. I guess we all remember our first taste of honey and other delights. One such sweet thing or delight is the regular diet we were fed on and became accustomed to is that of the lovely (...
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Zambian Watchdog
Chitimukulu: Sata hatred for me has been translated into national policy
By Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta-Manga II  Taking A ‘Stand’ It has been brought to my attention that there are certain political elements who have gone on rampage trying to drive a wedge between Honourable Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (popularly known as GBM) and myself by spreadin...
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UK Zambians
POLICE in Lusaka are investigating a matter in which eight Zambia Air Force (ZAF) soldiers are said to have assaulted a clergyman from Genesis Church in Kabangwe area.Prophet Sinai Mukanaka was harassed during the Easter period as he prepared to erect a tent for his church in the...
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KK, Liwewe unified Zambia - Chigunta
PROFESSOR Francis Chigunta says April was a special and unique month on the country's calendar because Zambians from all walks of life united to celebrate Dr Kenneth Kaunda's 90th birthday and Dennis Liwewe's life.
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Zambian Watchdog
‘Pastoral’ letter to the Zambian Catholic Bishops
Our beloved lord bishops, we greet you with blessings of our risen lord Jesus Christ. Indeed may this holy season of Easter renew in you the grave responsibility entrusted to you by our Lord Jesus Christ of tending his sheep with passion and compassion. It is customary that bisho...
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