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Speak well of your country, build your country – thoughts from Kigali
Dear editor, I HAVE advocated that we create a positive narrative about our country, promote that which is good about us, engender that which is thriving, and attend to the deep concerns that have affected our country in a mature and sober way. With what’s available before us, du...
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SADC Adopts Kiswahili As 4th Working Language
By Edith Mutethya in Nairobi, Kenya
THE Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) has adopted Kiswahili as its fourth official language.
Other SADC official languages are English, Portuguese and French.
The decision was announced at a recent summit of 16 southern African heads...
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SDG sub-regional centre: Opportunities for Zambia
Analysis: NAWA MWALE ON AUGUST 7, 2019, President Edgar Lungu and his Rwandan counterpart President Paul Kagame, who is also board chairperson of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Centre for Africa, launched the SDG sub-regional centre for southern Africa (“the Centre”) at...
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Rwandan Air has proved beneficial
MWAPE MWENYA, Lusaka IN recent years, there has been heightened cooperation between Zambia and Rwanda, one of the smallest countries on the African mainland which has won worldwide admiration for the way it has dealt with its affairs since the end of the genocide. The 1994 Rwanda...
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Diffuse Political Tension Before 2021_Dr. Kakuwa
Access Church-Africa Apostolic Leader Richard Kakuwa says there is need to diffuse political tension as Zambia approaches the 2021 General Elections.
Dr Kakuwa expressed worry that tribal, political, social and economic anger is brewing in most of the Zambian hearts.
The clergyma...
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Rwanda’s silver jubilee – celebrating the 25th Liberation Day
ANALYSIS – ABEL BUHUNGU ON JULY 4, 2019 Rwandans, both inside the country and abroad, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rwanda’s Liberation Day. For some reason, the Rwanda High Commission in Zambia also accredited to Malawi has organised to celebrate Liberation Day or Kwibo...
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