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Peddling in Mukula trade or defamation – The EIA Report
ANALYSIS: EMMANUEL MWAMBA I SAW it when it was just released but did not pay any attention to it, because there are so many propaganda stories against Zambia, against President Edgar Lungu and his government doing the rounds. Many are so poorly done that they don’t deserve a ment...
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Kitwe DC Mr Binwell Mpundu Holding On To Donated Community Funds
Good Afternoon,
I have serious concerns regarding the conduct of the Kitwe DC Mr Binwell Mpundu. BUKACA hosted the sponsored walk and fundraising dinner where well-wishers raised funds.  BUKACA is a charity that helps the underprivileged community of Buchi and Kamitondo in Kitwe....
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Tasila gives Kuku residents sports facility
KELVIN MBEWE, Lusaka OVER the last few weeks, construction workers have transformed a dusty playground in Kuku township into a modern sports facility.Soon, the sports ground will be filled with the shrill noises of children hitting balls – basket balls, net balls and foot balls....
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Stop cyber bullying – Tasila
CATHERINE MUMBA, Lusaka NKOLOMA ward councillor Tasila Lungu has called for constructive use of social media as opposed to using it for cyber bullying. In a statement, Ms Lungu noted with sadness that some people are using social media for cyber bullying despite it being a positi...
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UK Zambians
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