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Apollo Group Hospitals goes Angelic
BWALYA NONDO COLLABORATION between Apollo Group of Hospitals of India and the government of Zambia through the Ministry of Health, has birthed an additional notch. Renowned not only for the novelty of its medical skills across a horde of specialties but also for its benevolence i...
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Mental health vis-à-vis family support
Gender Focus with EMELDA MWITWA BARELY three months after Zambia held a mammoth conference on mental health where stakeholders voiced out on the need to de-stigmatise mental illness and improve mental health services, the abandonment of mentally disordered persons continues at Ch...
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A 35-year-old Zambian National is stranded in Lima Peru where she was enticed for greener Pastures in 2015.
Nasishemo Mwango who is currently experiencing ill-health and is jobless in the Peruvian capital disclosed her suffering to the Zambian mission in Brazil.
Ms. Mwango said s...
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Sweden gives WFP $2 million
KELLY NJOMBO, Lusaka THE World Food Programme (WFP) has received US$2 million from Sweden to help meet the food and nutrition needs of people affected by drought in Zambia. The Swedish support is critical as it will help sustain the increase in needs after drought and prolonged d...
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UTH 2019 high achievement
ZIO MWALE, Lusaka IN 2019, Zambia’s largest referral hospital, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), recorded several medical surgical milestones. UTH chronicled a major landmark on July 16, 2019 when a team totally composed of indigenous Zambian surgeons performed an eight-hou...
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Bogus Indian Investor Angers Zambian Judiciary
Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy
Judicial officers are ostensibly distraught with a fake Indian investor – Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy after he insulted the integrity of the judiciary when court summons were served to him.
Reddy, posing as an influential property buyer reacted angrily to Co...
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