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The keys to a peaceful Sahel
World Peace Day should be a day that inspires Sahelians with hope, and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is committed to supporting the region in its journey towards peace and security. The head of UNFPA’s West and Central Africa Regional Office, Mabingue Ngom, looks at...
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Creating a Museum of British Colonialism
The Museum of British Colonialism is a joint UK-Kenyan project created to communicate a more truthful account of colonialism. Gabriel Moshenska explains its foundation and purpose
Confronting Britain’s past, including its heritage of colonialism and slavery, is a necessary but un...
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UK museums must come clean on how they acquired African collections
UK museums continue to obfuscate the plunder of artefacts and human remains that lies at the origin of their vast African collections. They need to tell the whole story of how these looted objects arrived in the UK and develop an equitable dialogue with their rightful owners as p...
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Ethiopia’s stolen artefacts have irreplaceable value for its people
The artefacts stolen by the British during the battle of Maqdala have spiritual, symbolic and religious value for the people of Ethiopia. Ethiopia should be given the opportunity to decide how and where to keep them, says Lidya Bekele.
Having been born and raised in Ethiopia, I h...
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Time to address repatriation of SOAS Swahili manuscripts
The SOAS Library in London houses the largest collection of Swahili manuscripts in the UK. It is time for the library to consider renaming collections to reflect their history, returning valuable manuscripts for exhibition in East Africa and finding better ways to share its digit...
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Why Africa’s stolen treasures must be returned
Estimates suggest that 80-90% of sub-Saharan Africa’s cultural heritage is currently held outside the continent. Onyekachi Wambu, Executive Director of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), explains why these cultural treasures should be returned to their rightful owne...
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We must reignite noble dreams of South African youth
While African youth across the continent are generally optimistic, according to research, those of South Africa do not share in this optimism. But the country’s future direction will be shaped by this same group. What can we do now to empower them positively? The alternative is t...
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