Georges Ngwane
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Georges Ngwane
Major National Dialogue in Cameroon: Faces of Federation
By Mwalimu George Ngwane (Originally published in The Sun, No. 0563, September 30, 2019)
PrologueAs Delegates at the Great Debate officially called the Major National Dialogue ponder over the mechanisms and modalities that can resonate with President Biya’s concern with solving t...
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Georges Ngwane
Models of a Dialogue Assembly
By Mwalimu George NgwaneSo much ink and spittle have been spilled since 2016 on the need for a Dialogue platform or Assembly to seek sustainable solutions to the ongoing crisis in Cameroon. However both the form and the content of such an Assembly are still shrouded in conjecture...
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Georges Ngwane
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Georges Ngwane
Silencing the Guns and Summoning the Talks
By Mwalimu George NgwaneIn a 2015 publication by The Africa Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD), Durban, South Africa, titled “Silencing the guns, owning the future”, the authors question the paradox that is Africa in terms of unprecedented levels of econo...
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Georges Ngwane
Cameroonian Elected Board Member of Minority Rights Group Africa
Cameroonian writer, pan Africanist and Executive Director of AFRICAphonie, Mwalimu George Ngwane, has been elected to the African Advisory Committee of the International Minority Rights Group Africa as member of Board of Trustees.Ngwane was elected with three other members - Dr M...
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Georges Ngwane
Comprehensive Amnesty Programmes as a Component of Inclusive Dialogue
By Mwalimu George Ngwane* (Originally published in The Guardian Post No. 1499, September 25, 2018)
An amnesty programme is cost-effective but not a substitute for a substantive discussion on the root and/or proximate causes of the conflict... fighters are often willing to surrend...
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