Ethiopia: 55,000 people displaced amid ethnic clashes.
By Elias Meseret | AP ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — More than 55,000 ethnic Oromos have been displaced from Ethiopia’s Somali region after a week of clashes with Somalis in which dozens were killed, the regional government of Ethiopia’s restive Oromia region said on Sunday. The stateme...
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Ethiopia’s tense ethnic federalism is being tested again
WRITTEN BY Tom Gardner September 15, 2017 Quartz Africa Addis Ababa The federal republic of Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most daring constitutional experiments. The radical idea—that by institutionalizing ethnic divisions the country might peacefully overcome them—was a gamble fro...
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Ethiopia’s ethnic crisis escalates: deaths, displacements reported
Ethnic clashes between Ethiopia’s Oromo and Somali regional states have escalated leading to reports of deaths and displacement in the respective regions. victims of recent clashes who were displaced from Jijiga in Eastern #Ethiopia thank the #Harari regional state for sheltering...
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Somalis protest at Ethiopia embassy in U.K. over prisoner transfer
Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban with UNPO Somalians resident in the United Kingdom on Tuesday held a protest outside the Ethiopian embassy in the country demanding that their country’s sovereignty be respected. The protest was in response to a recent decision of Somali authorities to tr...
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Ethiopia & Eritrea: What will it take to break the deadlock?
Guest Commentary: Martin Plaut The stalemate along the Ethiopian-Eritrean border benefits almost no-one. Two armies stare at each other across the 1,000 kilometre border – as they have done since June 2000, when the fighting ended. Every so often there is a flare-up. An Eritrean...
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Peace accord leads to thriving trade on Kenya-Ethiopia border
Meres Abe, an Ethiopian businesswoman and her children sells at the Moyale open air market on August 31, 2017. She said the trade in Kenya is profitable and peace along the border has given them an easy time. PHOTO | IRENE MWENDWA | NATION MEDIA GROUP By IRENE MWENDWA More by thi...
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