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Does mail-in voting help U.S. Democrats, Republicans, or no one?
Washington, US | XINHUA | At a time when a large chunk of the U.S. electorate is expected to vote by mail, there is a major fight in Washington over whether mail-in voting will impact the elections. But it remains unknown whether mail-in ballots help or hurt Democrats, Republican...
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Trump's Crackdown On Visa Overstays Targets Mostly African, Asians
US President Donald Trump.
President of the United States, Donald Trump, has ordered the secretaries of State and Homeland Security to develop plans to crack down on countries whose citizens are most likely to overstay their visas, a long-term problem that is now the biggest driv...
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Putin proposes election non-interference pact with US
There is just over a month to go in America’s presidential election © AFP/File / Alex Edelman
Moscow, Russian Federation, Sep 25 – Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed Friday concluding a pact with Washington against interfering in one another’s elections and internal affair...
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